Bus to Corinth by Ladine B. Housholder

Bus to Corinth

Book Title: Bus to Corinth

Publisher: Copper Teapot Publishing

ISBN: 0985523123

Author: Ladine B. Housholder

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Ladine B. Housholder with Bus to Corinth

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Ladine Housholder, finalist in Foreword’s “Indiefab Book of the Year” awards for her book, The Well Women, has done it again. Her sequel, Bus to Corinth, has hit the road! Five of the original “Well Women” journey through Greece to honor the memory of a friend and retrace the footsteps of Paul the Apostle during his ministry in Athens and Corinth. The idea was simple enough: see the sights, sample some great food, and kick back together. Suddenly, the Bus takes unexpected turns and negotiates sharp curves. Why is travel professional Ruth so reluctant to lead the group? What still haunts Alicia? Nurse Beth’s knees are healed but not her marriage. If modern Samaritan Najila manages her own business, why does she hesitate about a simple proposal. And how can Vicky, a church historian, create stellar guides to Paul’s Corinthian letters but not finish her own novel? As they study I and II Corinthians, the friends discover how the Apostle Paul loved and labored as God’s change agent for quarrelsome Judeans in Corinth. They realize they, too, are changed. Like Paul’s vision of Jesus, their experience explodes into their lives, empowering and transforming them forever.